Artist who travelled the world without leaving her house.

Jacqui Kenny is a peculiar kind of photographer. She always loved travel. She liked exploring different places and always wanted to travel the world, but there was something stopping her, AGORAPHOBIA. Agoraphobia, as defined by Wikipedia, means “an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives the environment to be unsafe with no easy way to get away. These situations can include open spaces, public transit, shopping malls, or simply being outside the home. Being in these situations may result in a panic attack”
Jacqui has been suffering from this phobia since the past eight years. The year 2016 was particularly tough for her as her company collapsed and she faced severe stress and anxiety due to this, going out and moving life was also not an option for her. It is then when she discovered how technology has advanced to an extent that she can travel far beyond without having to move from her house.
“I can’t quite remember why I started looking through Google Street View but I happened to stumble across a few things I liked and decided to delve a little deeper,” the 43-year-old artist told “I really loved the possibilities that come with selecting and curating from billions of images that have been captured and frozen in time. he Google camera gives the images a really interesting point of view.”
After just casually looking at Google Street view Jacqui decided to explore her options further and make the utmost use of this concept. She was happy that she got to do what she always dreamt of without leaving her safe place. She immediately took screenshots of the places she found appealing, this became a very important part of her life as she did what she loved the most and without coming face-to-face with her phobia. She reached a collection of twenty-six thousand photos and then she started editing them and uploading them on her Instagram account “Agoraphobic Traveler”.
“At first I was worried that staying home for long periods of time and searching through Google Street View would be unhealthy, but in fact, it has had been the opposite,’ Jacqui says. “It’s really opened my world and made me feel more connected. Also, it’s been a great way for me express myself and show my unique view of the world, even though I’m doing it from home.”
According to Jacqui, this is ideal for a person afraid to travel that has anxiety or fear of public spaces. Earlier Jacqui has to undergo therapy in her hometown London six months prior to her sister’s wedding. Jacqui feared public places so much that even a walk back from the market-induced a great deal of fear in her.A big success in this regard can be claimed as Jacqui once again travelled to New York for the opening of her gallery.
“Before my anxiety set in I dreamed of being a photographer, I’d resigned myself to this never happening. Now I feel that the condition doesn’t define me but is within a part of me.” She told BBC.
We at NextGen Traveller wish more power to such people and hope people take inspiration from this amazing lady and also decided to not give in to their fears but bravely face it and move ahead in life.

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