An inspirational journey of Pakistan's first female rider who rode across the Nation.

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PakistaniWomanto RideAcrossthe Country

Would you believe that a Pakistani woman with a poor family background can take a ride across the country? If you reply not at all, Zenith Irfan is the name of that Pakistani woman who had done this unimaginable thing. Zenith Irfan became the first ever Pakistani woman rider to ride across the country. Zenith certainly holds the record of being the first ever Pakistani woman to ride across the country. People have started turning her as the boundary-breaking woman in Pakistan. Being a woman in Pakistan, this is really an indescribable thing to do. The lady has shown that if you believe in your dreams and you have the guts then nothing is unattainable and you can accomplish whatever you want. Zenith actually had made the dreams of her father appear factual and she is unquestionably living the dream of her father at the moment. It can be a very inspirational story for the ones who want to achieve something enormous in their life especially the female riders.Also read:-Dishes that you cannot ignore when in Kashmir
Lets know closely who really is Zenith Irfan
Zenith Irfan had proved that everything is reachable on the earth if you have the hunger and determination to get that. She has become a living example for the people in Pakistan and all over the world who think that women cannot do anything through their resolution. Zenith Irfan's father who died at a gentle age of 34 years had a dream of visiting the world on his motorcycle. Unfortunately, the father of Zenith died at the age of 34 years, but he essentially motivated her daughter to live his magnificent dreams. She became the first Pakistani woman to ride across the country just to relive the wonderful dreams of her beloved father.
2013: the year where Zenith learned the basics
After going through such a situation, Zenith Irfan did not give up and continued following her dreams. In the year 2013, Zenith Irfan started acquiring skills of riding a motorcycle with the assistance of her younger brother who actually purchased the motorcycle for his own use. People have started following Zenith for the compliment that she had achieved in her life and she has become a very popular name in Pakistan. Due to the mountain-high passion and fortitude, Zenith Irfan started riding the bikes in a very short amount of time. 2013 was the year when Zenith Irfan had learned the basics of riding motorbikes. Undeniably, she was actually running towards the dreams of his father in the year 2013. Thus, Zenith Irfan holds the record of being the first Pakistani woman to ride across the country.
2015: Zenith Irfan took two important rides of her life
In the year 2015, Zenith Irfan had taken a ride of 3200 kilometers, which was started from Lahore passing through North Pakistan and up to the khunjerab closer to the China Border. Without any doubt, people have started following her and they look very excited to know everything about her life and the ways she used to attain such an amazing achievement. Later on, Zenith rode into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan to be more grown-up as a rider. Both these mentioned trips gave her the real boldness and vision to reach her objective quickly. After some time, Zenith completed 20000 kilometers long distance on her motorbike.
Interview words from Zenith
In some recent interviews of Zenith Irfan, she told how difficult it was to ride across the country after being a Pakistani woman. Most of the times, Zenith replied that she has done something that her father badly wants to do.Zenith Irfan is actually trying to document her journey by posting some blogs and documents on her official Facebook and Instagram account.
Biopic on Zenith Irfan
As a result of some unconquerable accomplishments, Zenith the first Pakistani woman to ride across the country got a chance to put her story in front of the entire world. The biopic was named as Motorcycle Girl in Pakistan. This biopic was released in April 2018. With a bit of luck, you may have collected complete information about the inspirational journey of Zenith.Also read:-Travel Advice for People Travelling to Pakistan