8 destinations where Indian currency will make you feel like a king!

Always wanted to go abroad but always need to cancel due to the heavy expenses? Well, today we bring 8 destinations where Indian currency is much higher and will surely make you feel like a king. The Indian currency may seem like nothing when compared to United States dollar (USD) or British Pound but holds a lot more value when compared to the currencies of these countries. The countries listed below are abundant in natural beauty and will provide you with the best holiday experience without burning your pocket which serves as a win-win situation for all of us out there who love traveling. Have a look-


1 Indian Rupee = 198.88 Indonesian Rupiah

The clear blue waters and the tropical beaches will surely leave you spellbound. Indonesia also gives Indians a free visa when they travel here, so it is super easy on the pocket and lots of fun. One of the most popular tourist destinations here is Bali.


1 Indian Rupee = 336.74 Vietnamese Dong

Wish to experience a totally different and unique culture? Well here is Vietnam for you. This beautiful destination is the home to many Buddhist monasteries which will be perfect for a peaceful getaway that fits the pocket! It also has French architecture and many war museums that serve as a major tourist attraction.


1 Indian Rupee =60.59 Cambodian Riel

One of the most famous tourist destinations Angkor Wat, a temple entirely made up of stone, Cambodia is slowly gaining its place in the heart of tourists. You can easily enjoy the charm of this place without causing a hole in your pocket. Already famous in the Western countries this country has gained quite some popularity among Indians recently.


1 Indian Rupee =1.87 Icelandic Krona

One of the most beautiful places on earth fits your budget entirely! Shocked? Well, it is true. If you wish to get to a cooler place when the sun is at its peak and the scorching heat is almost unbearable to stay without air conditioners, Iceland is the way to go! It has an array of blue lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers and black sand beaches and one of the most beautiful phenomena the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis.


1 Indian Rupee =4.10 Hungarian Forint

Popular for its distinct architecture and culture, Hungary is full of parks and castles that surely please the eye. Their architecture is famous worldwide and has cast an impression on various cultures including the Romans and Turks. It is also home to Budapest, which is one of the most romantic cities in the world.


1 Indian Rupee = 82.99 Paraguayan Guarani

Located in South America, people generally prefer to visit Brazil and Argentina when visiting the South of America. But much to everyone’s surprise Paraguay is in abundance with natural beauty along with a dash of materialism. You will also find shops and shopping centers here that sell their rural handicrafts.


1 Indian Rupee = 8.20 Costa Rican Colon

Beaches over mountains kind? Well, Costa Rica is the place for you! Full of happening beaches Costa Rica is also light on the pocket. It also has a tropical climate throughout the year which makes it irresistible for tourists along with the flora, fauna and the volcanoes.


1 Indian Rupee = 9.79 Chilean Peso

Love adventure? Chile is the place for you! The country offers various sports like hiking and trekking due to its huge mountain range which is still growing. There’s also farms, parks, forests, valleys and vineyards that will make you fall in love with nature. It also has Lake District that serves as a major tourist attraction as well.

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