7 Indian Villages we should be immensely proud of!

Being one of the most diverse countries in the world India powers a lot from its agro-based industries. The word ‘gaon’ gives us a picture of ‘sarson ka khet’, typical Indian food, and ‘kaccha’ houses.  Even if you are brought up in a town going to a village will surely give you homely feels. We bring a list of India’s top 7 villages that are highly under-rated. Have a look-

Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village

Asia’s cleanest village is a part of India and we certainly can’t stop boasting about it. Located in Meghalaya, Mawlynnong is about 90 km from Shillong. The village was bestowed with the title of being ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’ in 2003 by the magazine Discover India. The people who have visited this place claim that you even find an empty toffee wrapper around this place.


Punsari- The high tech village

This village is located in Gujrat and is probably one of the most advanced villages you will ever hear about. The village has wifi, AC classrooms, CCTV etc. The funding of this village is powered by the government of India and benefits greatly from its own funding model as well. The village also has other luxuries that would put metros to shame.


Hiware Bazar- where millionaires reside

Located in Maharashtra, this village is possibly the richest village in India. This is because this village is the home to 60 millionaires. The village owes its fame to one person Popatrao Pawar, who encouraged the villagers to invest their time and money in things like rainwater harvesting, milch cattle etc rather than hazardous substances like liquor and tobacco. The village now has a record of just three below poverty line families and are working for the day when there is not even one.


Dharnai- The solar-powered village

Dharnai came out of darkness since 30 years after developing its own solar-powered system for electricity. Located in Bihar this is the first energy independent village of India. With a population of 2400 residents the village produces enough energy to sustain its population so that no child has to study in candlelight.


Chappar- the village that empowers women.

Probably the only village in India with a female sarpanch this village, Chappar is located in Haryana. Neelam who is the sarpanch has made it a point to empower women and fights for equal rights for men and women in the village. No more women are confined to their ‘ghungats’ and openly step out in the village all thanks to their bold Sarpanch! The village has now also made a tradition to distribute sweets on the birth of a girl child.


Kokrebellur- the village of birds

This village surely loves its birds as they believe that they help greatly in the conservation of our ecosystem. While others consider birds as a menace for harming the crops this village loves them. The village also has a rare species of bird that can only be found here. The villagers also surely take care of their tiny friends and even has a place for their resting and healing in case of injury.


Ballia- the creative village

Ballia is a small village located in Uttar Pradesh. The village was dealing with a serious problem of arsenic poisoning. The people here drinking arsenic contaminated water that caused various diseases like serious skin infections and was also eventually leading to physical deformities. The problem arose due to the careless attitude of officials while digging the hand pumps which led to the interaction of arsenic with water on dangerous levels. So how did they deal with this? Instead of waiting for government officials to fix this the people went back to fix their old hand pumps physically all by themselves. Amazing, right?


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