7 countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day In Unique Way

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14th Feb Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one very interesting day in the year. It is one day where people from all different cultures and countries celebrate love. Every year we eagerly look forward to the Valentine’s Day! The Valentine’s Day 2019 is not going to be any different!

But while we are waiting for it, learning how different cultures celebrate Valentine’s Day will be a fun experience. So let’s list down 7 countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day and how they do it in their own unique way!

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7 countries who celebrate Valentine’s Day;

Following is the list of 7 countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own unique way:


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If we are discussing Valentine’s Day, then the most romantic country in the world cannot stay out of the list. France always had started various traditions, and Valentine’s Day was no different. The Valentine’s Day cards were introduced in France and it spread to the world. Apart from that, there was an interesting tradition in France.
Men would pair with women of their choice. If they did not like her, they could dump her for another. While the women who were dumped, could burn the pictures of the same men and abuse and swear at them in front of a bonfire.


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Unlike the rest of the world, the Welsh do not believe in celebrating Saint Valentine. Instead, on January 25th they celebrate Saint Dwynwen. And in the process of celebrating, the man used to carve wooden spoons for the women they loved. They would also carve numerous symbols on these spoons that meant various things.

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In Denmark, people celebrate Valentines Day in a unique way. They do not believe in exchanging roses on a special day. Instead, the bliss in offering a white flower to their loved ones. These flowers are also known as snowdrops. They also have a card known as the lovers’ card. Originally it used to be a transparent card. And it had the picture of the lover. Nowadays it can be any card!


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China has a completely different story to Valentine’s Day. Pixies celebrated in China for years. And for the Chinese, it is the Valentine’s Day. Every 7th day of every 7th lunar month, this occasion is celebrated! When the daughter of the Heaven’s King fell in love with a poor cowherd, Niulang, then they married and had twins. Unfortunately, she was called back to heaven and was offered an opportunity of meeting them once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month! It is exactly when the Chinese people decide to celebrate Qixi.


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The Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is no different to that of any other western country! Yet, almost everything about it is unique. It is not only the day when the people of the Philippines celebrate love! Instead, mass weddings have steadily increased in the Philippines on the Valentines Day! The different cultures celebrating Valentines Day shows us how unique each of them is!

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South Korea

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South Korea celebrates Valentine’s Day for over a month. The women try to woo the men on 14 February with various gifts and chocolates, while the men have to do the same and more on March 14th. This day is also known as the white day. And if people did not get to celebrate Valentine’s Day or white day, then they get to celebrate the Black Day. It is held on April 14th and all the singles mourn their singlehood!


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If you want to know that which country can match up to France in romanticism, then Italy will be the answer! In the initial days, Italians used to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very unique way. It was the spring festival for them.
There is another tradition to Valentine’s Day related to the Italians. Young Italian women used to wake up early in the morning and would look for their spouse! It was a common belief that the man they would see first in the morning would be the man they will marry.

With the 14th Feb Valentine’s Day coming up, people are excited and want to celebrate them in their own way! The above-mentioned cultures have shown us the way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in a unique way. We can follow their footsteps for the same!

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