6 apps that will make your travel a lot easier!

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must be very well aware of the troubles you face across different countries. A lot goes into planning a trip and with the advent of technology; it has become easier than ever. In order to enjoy a comfortable and convenient holiday anywhere in the world, make use of the below mentioned mobile applications which will make your travel a lot simpler, convenient and easier.

Maps. Me

Whether you are headed on a road trip or exploring your way through a new city, you will be able to find your way through everything using this app. Using the GPS is an option but it will not help you locate services like finance, entertainment, lodging, business, food, shops, transportation, attractions, health and much more. All you need to do is provide information about the country and the city you are in and you can choose from a wide range of sections depending on the service you are looking for. The app offers detailed offline maps of the world and will help you with a wide range of options for every service. It works like any GPS device and is an offline app. You can travel thousands of miles across the world and avail services with ease. By far, the most user friendly app I have come across!



Every traveler loves to document their journey through a number of photos and videos. If you use your mobile phone to click pictures, Snapseed will help you touch them up and they will look as good as professionally clicked images. The layout of Snapseed makes it easy to play with the different effects you can use on your photo. It has some handy features and a variety of filters which make it much easier than manual editing on your phone. It was named as one of the top 100 best Android apps in 2015 and is widely used by photographers across the world.


XE currency

It can become difficult to convert currency in foreign land. With XE currency, conversion is a quick and easy process. One of the most robust apps, it offers live rate of exchange and precious metals. It is compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch and maintains a history of the most recent rates so you can check them even when you are offline.


Google Trips

Google trip is a folder which will gather all your travel information and organize it in a systematic manner including the travel dates, booking and accomodation. It works offline and will also offer suggestions of things to do and see. It will create a framework for your trip without you having to do much. After setting it up, you can browse through the app and look at the suggestions offered by the app. This app is one complete solution to a number of different applications on your phone.



As the name suggests, iTranslate will help you translate any language you hear. It can translate phrases and sentences from the first language to the language of the country you are currently in. It will make it easier for you to communicate with the locals. It offers a choice of 90 different languages and is available in an offline mode as well. It simply does not translate the sentence for you, it actually speaks it loud for you in the language you request. This is a must have app on your phone if you are headed overseas and struggling with the language barrier.



Momondo is a flight comparison engine which is user friendly and has a huge database for you to look into. It also shows a graph that displays the cheapest time to go and will help you figure out the best way to reach your destination. You no longer need to search on different portals and compare prices; this application will take you to the website for your booking and offer an array of options to choose from.

Download the apps today and make your travel easier!


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