11 ways travel makes your life better

Travelling gives us a perspective, adds a certain dimension to our self and the world we live in. Down on the road, away in the hills or sitting at a quite beach, travelling makes us come close to what lies in our core. From a constant path of re-discovery, travelling takes us away from the monotony of a cubicle to a beautiful road to self-love. There are a number of reasons to travel which are listed down below.

  1. Creating an understanding with oneself: In today’s time, we can hardly find time for ourselves. May it be a 9 to 5 job or household chores, we don’t really feel the need to know ourselves better and just settle with our constant state. Travelling will help you know yourself better from scratch.
  2. Get to know people: Going around a place, interacting with the locals, getting to know their stories and in the end feeling like a part of them is something more precious than any souvenir that you might ever bring back home. Getting to know the people not only makes your trip enjoyable but also meaningful.
  3. Will help you in your professional life: Roaming around lands you in situation where you need to deal with different types of people, travelling makes you efficient with handling and adjusting with people.
  4. Helps you become social: Going to places makes you more social as you meet more people and get more comfortable in approaching them or with small talks.
  5. Coming back with stories: Coming back from a trip doesn’t only fill your bags but also your heart with stories and incidents that took place along the way.
  6. Helps us grow: Travelling a lot gives you a knack for adventure, getting lost to fixing tyres, arguing with locals to settling for a not so fulfilling meal; travelling helps us grow and makes us mature in dealing with situation.
  7. Learn to understand people: Travelling to a place where you hardly know anything about the local and their language, you have to rely on your instinct and your judgement of people. From non-verbal communication to judging their body language, travelling makes you smart.
  8. Friends all around: Travelling will make you meet people who will slowly turn into your friends. After travelling to places and getting to know people all around, you will face lesser problems with lodging and food. Because you know that there are people at whose doorsteps you can show up for dinner and if in any fix.
  9. Makes you adventurous: From jumping from a height with a rope attached to your waist to going on trekking on mountain terrain, it makes you fearless and adventurous.
  10. Broadens your perspective: Getting to know more people you will realise that we are all same at the core level, everybody faces hardships and still have to go on living this life. Your thinking that different people at different places will change.
  11. Become confident: From planning a trip to searching hotels to conveyance, it will all grow your confidence. Finding an accommodation in a lost place to learning to find your way back home . You will realise travelling helps you boost your confidence.

Travelling can get you to love your life all over again, only if you let it.

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