A hair rising experience with the 10 most haunted and spooky places of the world!

Whether you are a believer, non-believer or a skeptic haunted places all around the world have a vibe that sends chills down your spine. From those eerie fortresses to the old and cold haunted house, we have pulled out a list of the spookiest places on earth for you to read….or visit if you are daring enough!

Myrtles Plantation, USA

One of the spookiest places on earth, the Myrtles plantation was rumored to be built on an Indian burial ground! It is one of the most haunted houses in America. The house apparently has a mirror in the house which has the ghost of Sara Woodruff and her children, the previous owners of the house trapped inside. Some locals also have spotted a ghost of a man in a green turban roaming inside the house. The ghost of William Winter has also been seeing to be roaming in agony and anger as he was shot on the front porch of the house.


The Tolbooth, Aberdeen, UK

This dark place has a very dark past too. The Tolbooth was initially a prison to the house members of the Jacobite revolution during the mid-1700s. It was then used as a jail for the children who were kidnapped and forced into slavery. These children were then sold to the American colonies. Tourists have said to hear voices of chains rattling and seen mysterious white mist along with a rigid feeling around their necks.


Pluckley Village, Kent, UK

This village has a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records, as it was the most haunted village in England. Some say the village has around 12-15 ghosts residing in it. But the darkest of them, commonly known as the ‘Fright Corner’ the ghost of a highwayman, who was stabbed with a sword and then pinned to a tree. There is another spectre of the ‘The Red Lady’ who haunts the churchyard after dark.


Alcatraz, USA

Prison to the very famous mobster Al Capone, Alcatraz was a prison with few infamous prisoners. It has reports of paranormal activities from tourists, visitors, prison guards and former inmates. A former prisoner Leon ‘Whitey’ Thompson, while conducting a tour of the prison reportedly saw a huge white looming silhouette towards the end of “Michigan Avenue”. He said it was the ghost of a former prisoner he had been friends named Johnny Haus. Other reports include tourists hearing cries and having an eerie feeling throughout. The most recent advancement has been the snapshot where a woman can be seen through the cell window.


Aradale Asylum, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

This huge mental asylum opened in 1867. It was called a “village within a village”. Over 13,000 people have died in this asylum and the causes have not always been natural. An apparition of Nurse Kerry is supposed to haunt the women wing of the asylum. Tourists have said to experience unexpected sensations, being touched, feeling cold and loud bangs from the isolated parts of the buildings.


Devils Pool, Babinda, Queensland, Australia

This pool has an age-old ancient tale that haunts it. Lying in the lap of mother nature and between boulders, the pool was supposedly cursed by an Aboriginal woman who drowned herself after being separated from her lover. Over 15 people have drowned or accidentally slipped in this pool since 1959 when they are trapped in the “rock chutes”.


Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Also known as the “Bhoot Bangla” (house of ghosts) by the locals the Bhangarh fort is one of the most haunted places in the country. There are two tales that explain why this place is haunted- One where a holy man cursed the entire town as some building casted a shadow upon his own house. Another one is where a sage was in love with the princess of Bhangarh. When he failed to make the princess fall in love with him through his spells he cursed the entire town. It is also said that those who enter this place after dark never come back again. Most of its paranormal activities have been spotted at the Jauhari Bazar (Marketplace) and in the Dancers’ Haveli (Dancers House).


The Ancient Ram Inn, Wooten-Under-Edge, UK

Built in the 1900s, The Ancient Ram Inn was a motel where the visitors were spooked by moving furniture and screams. The current owners believe that this is because the property was an ancient Pagan burial ground where kids were also sacrificed. Caroline Humphries, who has spent around 30 years in the house has said that she has experienced various paranormal activities around the house. She was also once pushed to bed by a male demon.


Lawang Sewu, Indonesia.

The name “Lawang Sewu” is a Japanese word which translates to “a thousand doors”. The name was given due to its architectural design. It was taken over by the Japanese during World War II and was used as a prison and its basement was used to brutal executions and torture. Locals have said that they have spotted a kuntilanak (a vampiric ghost according to the Indonesian and Malay mythology). Ghost of a Dutch woman who committed suicide and many headless ghosts have also been seen to roam around in the building.


Penang War Museum (Ghost Hill), Penang, Malaysia

National Geographic listed it as Asia’s most haunted place. The Penang War Museum or as the natives call it the ‘Ghost Hill’ was a fortress meant for defense by the British during the 1930s. It was then invaded by the Japanese and became an area for their torture and beheadings. The ghost of a cruel Japanese officer still roams around in this area.

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