The 10 Best Cruise Destinations in the Entire World

When you’re taking a cruise, most of your experience is going to be dominated by the cruise ship itself. However, getting the most out of your cruising experience isn’t just about booking passage on the right ship; it’s also about finding the right itinerary.

If you’re going to be traveling from port to port, then you want to make sure that your cruise ship’s itinerary includes some of the best destinations in the world. That’s why we wanted to share this list with you. It includes the 10 best cruise destinations in the entire world as selected by the cruising experts over at Cruise Critic.From the frigid tundra of Alaska to the warm climes of the South Pacific, these destinations cover the entire globe… We only wish there was one ship that could take us to all of them in one trip! Let’s take a look..

1. Castaway Cay

This private island, which is owned and operated by Disney, was ranked as the best private island cruise destination in the world by Cruise Critic.

2.  Cozumel

In the Western Caribbean and Riviera Maya there’s one destination that stands head and shoulders about the rest: the always exciting and beautiful Cozumel.

3. Venice

Heading out into the Eastern Mediterranean? Then make sure your cruise includes a stop in the historic city of Venice.

4. San Francisco

There are beautiful ports of call on both coasts of the United States and Canada, but there’s something about San Francisco that makes it just a bit better than the rest.

5. St. Petersburg

The Baltics offer a unique cruising experience to say the least. Thankfully, many itineraries here include St. Petersburg, which was rated the best by Cruise Critic.

6.  Mystery Island

In Asia and South Pacific, Cruise Critic felt quite strongly that the aptly named Mystery Island is the best cruising destination.

7. Barcelona

Many want to live that “Med life”, and if that sounds like you, then Barcelona is the destination you want. It was rated the best in the Mediterranean by Cruise Critic.

8. Bonaire

With a lot to choose from in the Southern Caribbean, it might come as a surprise to some that Cruise Critic ranked Bonaire the best. We believe it, though.

9. Kauai

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re cruising to Hawaii, but in the eyes of critics, Kauai is the tops!

10. Glacier Bay

You probably already knew this, but an Alaskan cruise without a trip to Glacier Bay can hardly be called an Alaskan cruise at all.

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